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Lonely and excluded

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Lonely and excluded

Hi all I’m so lonely and get excluded from so many things with my daughter . She is nearly six and I’m 55 so an older mum. It breaks my heart when my daughter is excluded from parties etc . I’m always the one reaching out for play dates , and nobody reaches out to me . My daughter is the only child and I’m wondering why nobody contacts us ! We are a nice family , normal people nothing outstanding to put people off !! I’m single and my daughter is very friendly and kind , so I don’t understand !!!! Is it my age ?
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Hi @Jane500 

I'm really sorry to hear that you are feeling lonely and excluded at the moment. Being a single mum is really tough and can be really isolating, I'm really glad you've reached out for some support.

I'm wondering if you have tried joining a local mum's group to try connect with some other parents? Melbourne Mums Group has a range of events on for mums and kids that might be good to check out. It looks like they have a Facebook Group too that could be a good way to chat to some other parents too.

Do you have family/friends around to support you and your daughter? Having a support network as a single parent is so important, you don't need to do this on your own Heart