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Shared custody

I have shared physical custody with a 1 week on, one week off situation. The other parent is not practicing social distancing himself and I am afraid this makes a vulnerable situation for everyone. My health is compromised as well. What precautions does one take when the boys come to me for my week?
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Re: Shared custody

Hey @Paiyuraq 


Thanks for sharing.


When you say your health is compromised, do you mean you are one of the people considered "at risk"?


It sounds like you're in a bit of a tricky situation, and I'm not too sure how you can go about this. If you have a good relationship with your ex, it might be worth just having a chat with him about it, to see whether he can do anything differently. It might be an idea to negotiate with your ex re. seeing the children. An idea might be that you have the children for 1(or so) month(s), and he has then for 1(or so) months, so that the chance of transmission is least until things get better.


In terms of what precautions to take - I guess I'd just do what the doctors/media/government recommend - keep your distance (if possible), wash your hands regularly, get your children to wash their hands, maybe try wearing gloves or a mask when they're around, and open the windows to allow air-flow into the house. You might want to take their temperature and yours to keep close track of whether any of you are sick. If you're looking for information beyond these basic suggestions, it might be an idea to see your GP who knows more about your specific health condition.


Keep us updated on how things go Heart

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Re: Shared custody

Hi there, 


We are in the same situation where the other parent is not practicing social distancing properly. The grandparents place is central meeting place for the entire family and they still continue to have mass family gatherings, including great grandparents. 


Our side of the family is just my husband, myself and our other child. Step-child pick up and drop off are always at different locations depending on where their mother is on the day. 


We cannot do anything about it except ensure hand washing, cough hygiene etc is followed. We also change step-childs clothes and put them in the wash on arrival. No one in our family is considered vulnerable, but my husband is the sole provider and is already on reduced hours from the pandemic, and we are taking extra precaution to ensure he stays well so he can continue to work. 


Good luck