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Son moved with father

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Son moved with father

My 11 year old moved interstate Qld Australia to live with his father. He has been there for 4 mths, started new school he came home to me for Easter school holidays in Victoria Australia He seemed happy and content but day he got back to Qld at his dads he now wants to move back with me. As a mum I want him back, but need to know it’s right reasons. He is now saying he hates living with his dad, doesn’t fit in at his new school and has realised he prefers living with me. I don’t know what to do, his dad is saying he needs to stay with him. I’m completely gutted and torn. I was gutted when he left but wanted him to give it a try as he needed his dad. Last year during covid was a real testing time on me and my sons relationship and both our mental health went downhill. Every day for a week he has rang & messages me constantly saying he hates it there and want to live back with me. I’ve just started work full time & just gotten my head around the fact that he lives with his dad. I though he was happy, but he’s not & he is so confused and is so emotional and upset every time he contacts me. I do not know if it’s the best thing to get him and allow him to come back. HELP

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Hi @Lillyrose and welcome to the online community!


I'm sorry to hear that your son hates where he is living, I can only imagine how overwhelming and stressful this must be for you to hear. I can hear just how much you care and worry about your son, so I was just wondering how you take care of yourself when things get hard. Is there someone you feel comfortable talking to about this?


If you would like someone to talk to, it might be worth reaching out to a service like Parentline for some helpful advice and if you are up for some reading, the Raising Children's Network might also be worth looking in to.


Please remember that you're not alone and we're all here for you.