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Totally Out Of My Dept Here


Totally Out Of My Dept Here

A huge problem with a disengaged teen boy of 15. For the past 18 months, he has gone from 96% attendance at school to 2%. He's not breaking out to hang in the streets, no drugs or drink nor in with the wrong crowd as there is no crowd at all, in saying this he sleeps long periods of time daily. Spends his entire day in his room, yes too much screen time (which we are working on) but that's not taking up all of his time. No longer wants to do anything, go anywhere, lost all motivation and drive, no goals anymore, has pulled away from all of his friends and no longer is interested in seeing them at all. So far we have had blood tests monthly, sleep testing currently being looked at, Headspace appointments, two different Doctors working with him, Guidance Counsellor via school checking in on him on the days he does make it to school so he has plenty of support but nothing is working at all. He has also signed up for Army Cadets (that is on hold at the moment due to the current restrictions). I am not asking for help but rather is anyone else in the same boat?? Just need to know I am not going through this alone.


Before anyone asks, there is no dad, no grandparents, no aunts or uncles just myself and the two teen boys at home. We have lost friends out of this which has left us out on our own. 


Hope to hear any thoughts or shared experiences if they are out there.......


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Hello @TotalyFlyinSolo , thanks for sharing with us. I just wanted to jump in here to say that I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through with your son. This change must be very difficult for both your son and your family to deal with. Although, it sounds like you have been very proactive and have already reached out for various supports. It was a really good idea to involve some medical professionals and some counsellors to ensure that various aspects of your sons life are being examined. It is a shame to hear that you have not found a treatment that has been effective yet. If you don't mind me asking, were the Headspace appointments that your son had with a psychologist? I am only asking as it might be a good idea to involve a psychologist next so that they can examine what role mental health may be playing in this situation.


I am sorry to hear that you do not have much family or friends to support you through these times. If you are looking for some further support, or just wishing to talk to someone, I encourage you to call Parentline. You can call them on 13 22 89, from 8am to midnight, 7 days of the week to talk to an experienced counsellor. Also, you can access free one-on-one support service through us here at ReachOut. All of the support sessions are free, confidential and done with a professional .Here is a link to the website if you are interested. 

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Wow! Snap! I have two teenage girls at home, no dad, no grandparents, some distant but not really engaged aunts, that's it. My eldest is anorexic and self harming. But it sounds like you are doing heaps of really good stuff. Well done! I can't even get my teen to talk about her issues, let alone see anyone, there's not hurry to this, I think we are in for the long haul. I'm just trying to get a blood test somehow as a starter - baby steps.

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