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My son whose 10 and going through puberty has in the last few months changed from a loving respectful boy to a moody argumentative child he's getting in trouble at school then the outbursts come home I have to watch everything I say I've talked to his teacher in the past but it seems he always gets told off and shouted at the relationship between him and teacher is not good and he's only just in fourth class he tries to start argument and is very chaotic to the point where I feel like my head's gonna burst I can't think straight.he dosent care about disciine and most recently had a three and half hour meltdown which left me mentally exhausted after for days can anyone advise me please I try to stay calm but he pushes and pushes until I get cross we live in an apt and I am single mum he gets very bored and that's when he becomes chaotic he's done the sports clubs but now dosent want to do any anymore for outlet for his energy preferring to want friends but he's still young and impossible to network all time.
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Hi @shop-ping 

It sounds like you and your son are having a tough time at the moment, we're really glad you have reached out for some support Smiley Happy

Puberty can be a really difficult time for young people - emotionally, mentally and physically. We recently chatted to our Psychologist Linda about this here, have a read through for some great advice and resources.

You've attributed these behaviours to your son going through puberty, I'm wondering if there could also be anything else that could be adding to this?

I imagine supporting your son throughout this would be very tiring, have you got supports in place for yourself too?