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When you feel like you're stuck

So I'm not even sure where to ask this but just looking for advice.. after recently seperating and becoming a single parent too my amazing 3yo girl, Ive found myself wondering where the heck I messed up along the way. I went from owning 3motorbikes and a car at the start and at the end I left with nothing but debt... so basically what I'm asking is how did you all "rebuild" after everything and get back on top financially? Ive been trying my hardest to save for a car lately but no matter what life just seems too knock me back down. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Hi @Perth1993 , 


It sounds like it's been a tough few years for you, I can definitely relate - I spent 4 years as a sole parent as well. Going through a separation is so rough, especially when there's kids involved , and you're also having to deal with the messy financial side of things. 


Financial advice isn't our area of specific expertise, but I'm sure a lot of people here may be able to relate to the stress of having to financially rebuild at the same time as rebuilding other areas of your life, and juggling the challenges that come with being single parent/ co-parenting.  I can definitely recommend having a look at some free budgeting tools, and seeing a financial counsellor can also be a great way to start feeling more in control of your financial life/ future after a separation. 


We have a great list here of support services for single parents: , everything from practical support to specific services in your area.


In that list there's a few free apps that could be useful for you in helping you to start getting your head around rebuilding your finances- 



This budgeting app syncs with your bank account and automatically organises your spending into categories, showing you where you spend your money. It’s like a personal assistant for your money. You’ll also get notifications for when bills are due – never cop a late fee again!

Free on iPhone and Android.


This groceries app lets you make shopping lists – you can add details like quantities needed and your own photos (so you remember which brand you like using). You can make multiple lists for events, and users can sync their lists so everyone is involved with the planning.

Free on iPhone and Android.


Supercook is a recipe service available online and as an app. You can search recipes by what ingredients you already have at home, so it’s a useful tool for when you don’t manage to visit the shops and want to throw together a quick meal.

Free on iPhone and Android.


This is a shared calendar and organising app. It can be useful for keeping track of everyone’s events and activities, and has inbuilt grocery and recipe plans. It can also be a good way to share schedules if you have a co-parenting arrangement.

Free on iPhone and Android.



For me personally, sticking to a budget and minimising debt were so helpful when I was a sole parent of a young child - simple things like not having a credit card (if that's possible for you), being frugal when grocery shopping, and buying second hand when possible are all small changes you can make that really do add up in the long term. 


With buying a car, chatting to your bank could also be a good idea- they can often give really good advice for your situation. 


Do you mind if I ask if you've finalised the financial aspects of your separation yet? That can be super stressful (not to mention expensive) - I can point you towards some services that can offer support in this area if that would be helpful. 


Apart from the financial pressures, how are you finding single parent life? It's a big  change- we're glad you could come here to chat about what's been happening for you. Do you have people in your life to lean on for support on the tough days?