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Wills and step kids

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Wills and step kids

Hi everyone. 22 weeks pregnant with first child. Engaged to partner with 7 year old son from ex wife. Drawing up a will for the first time. Not intending to leave anything for step son. Step son's mother earns quater of a million per year and has no other kids. Partner is upset by my intentions to only write my biological children into my will. Anyone in a similar scenario? Keen to hear how you set your arrangements and how those arrangements were received by your partner.
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Hi @padgie,

I can understand the pressure you may be experiencing in this situation, and I'm sorry that you're having to deal with this, especially since you are pregnant. I hope this isn't causing you too much stress, and want to remind you to take some time to take care of yourself Heart

Blended families can be difficult to navigate, and if you'd like to look at counselling and support services, Relationships Australia is a really good resource. 

Also, welcome to the Reach Out Parents Forum, we hope that you're able to connect and find support with other parents Smiley Happy