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separation and kids


separation and kids

Hi. 12 months ago i separated from my husband leaving the children 16,14 and 11 in the family home with him and i moved away to distance myself and work.

i have been messaging my kids every day sometimes twice a day checking in, making sure they are ok . I hear nothing from them unless i communicate first and get told nothing involving the children from my ex, no school stuff, health , or even being absent from school. He seems to have taken all that responsibility away from me. No encouragement to the kids to reach out , nothing. the older two dont want to see me and i see the youngest every 2nd weekend. 

what am i supposed to do?

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Re: separation and kids

Hi @gwenny78 and welcome to the forums! We're glad you posted here. 

That sounds like such a painful thing to go through.

Do you have parenting orders in place?

If so, do you feel that you're able to have a positive relationship with your youngest child?


I see you've said that your older children have decided not to have contact - I imagine that must be very hard for everyone involved. Have they shared anything with you about their reasons?

Do you feel they are open to working on things, or do you think they need some space for now?
I really feel for you - I can only imagine how difficult it must be to feel distance with your children.

Please feel free to talk here any time you need support.