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Is it okay for ex husband and wife to take pictures with their child going to prom (Exes that don't get along) while the new pregnant girlfriend is there? Or would it have been more appropriate for each parent to take a picture with the child instead of a "family" photo.
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Re: Prom

Hi @Monaeblue  and welcome to the forums, we're glad you joined.

I think it’s really helpful that you’re asking these types of questions and reflecting on how to navigate things in the best interests of your child.  


I think this is a situation where only the people involved can really decide what's best for them. Does your child want photos with you and your ex-partner together? Are any new partners okay with that, or will it create conflict?

If it’s something your child would like and everyone feels okay about it, then I think it’s a really positive thing to be able to put your child’s wishes first for such a special occasion.


There aren't any rules around what's okay and what's not - it's really about working out what works for all of you, and most importantly how best to support your child.

I really hope all goes smoothly and your child enjoys their prom. Smiley Happy