Cyber Crime Bullying

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Cyber Crime Bullying

My family and I have experienced this 3 times in the past 2 years. As this is a federal crime there is a process on Federal Police Website under cyber crime. I think it is about 16 pages identifying the issues etc.

The process after sending the information that you will receive a Crime No. and a federal police officer will contact you (or whoever is putting the complaint in) to verify the information - a little scary but they are only clarifying. It may be up to 20 minutes they just want to make sure what you say matches written details.


The police in your state will be the primary investigator. They will send you another local crime no that you may need to quote at a later time. They will also contact you same details as the federal investigator. These officers are trained in cyber crime.


They will then go to the perpetrator and ask Q's in regards to the complaint. From there they may be accompanied to the station, charged or more questioning.

The police can apply for a warrant to search the house for any IT related goods. These will be kept by the police.


I am unfortunately sure that these details are correct in order, may have missed something in trying to block it out..


A court date will be set.



I hope that this is helpful information for yourselves and your teens. You do not have to put up with it.




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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Thank you so much @Lily17 This is great.

I'm so sorry you learnt about this through experiencing cyberbullying in your home. How are your teenagers feeling about it now? Are they getting through it ok?


Here's a link to the Federal Police website's cybercrime page.  There's a lot to wade through but it's incredibly informative, as Lily17 says.

I also wanted to mention the ThinkUKnow site. Click here. There's a parents' and a young persons' section as well as an option to book a presentation.


Would you guys like to hear someone speak about this during a Wednesday Wrap?









(I moved this one too, I hope that's ok. Just a better fit)

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Yes they are fine now but we put keystroke encryption on all of our IT toys and a year ago and have not had any issues but they are very careful with what they do. Awareness is the key.


I think it would be great to have a Wednesday night on this issue.It is amazing how little we all know about these things that seem to control our lives.


Police officers  will also inform you of the best cyber crime tools to use. We were in 2 states and all police agreed with the same protection. Rare but true..



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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Hi @Lily17 and @Ngaio-RO I seem to not to be able to view  the beginning of this story thread but this issue of cyber bullying being a crime and getting the police involved is very pertinent to me at the moment. Tragically,  2 weeks ago, a 15 year old girl at our school threw herself in front of a  train as a result of relentless bullying since November of last year . The girl had no mental health issues prior to November and had been a strong bright and happy child. She become depressed lost a lot of weight and changed schools. The bully still managed through other avenues, I am assuming mutual friends, to get to her on the exact day she took her life.

Her family is sure that the bullying caused , yet she has not had ONE person who witnessed the  bullying or has evidence on their social media toys, or even the well being coordinators of both her old school and her new school, call her and tell her everything they know. I know from counselling some of the grieving girls afterwards that at least one has info that should be passed on to the family, yet the well being coordinator says its up to that girl to pass it on ??? Really ?

Surely with Brodie's Law ( Victoria )  being applicable in evidenced cases, this is a potential crime and why are people not falling over each other to get to either the police or the parents ?  Why have the police who have her phone , after 2 weeks still not contacted the family and kept them up to date with how the investigation is progressing . This is psychological murder and if we can gather enough evidence this child can be charged with a crime. Is there some protocol here that her Mum must abide by ? Should she be driving this herself,  pursuing and interviewing  people ? or should she wait for people to contact her ?

I am interested in people's factual/ practical  knowledge of this process please ?


Thank you forum family


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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Am I able to ask if it is now with the state police or still with federal? It makes a huge difference. Also you will have a crime reference no from the report.


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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Hey @motherbear I  agree with so much of what you've said and I think you're highlighting an issue that is incredibly important to most parents. This confirms to me that having a special guest from the ThinkUKnow program coming and speaking to the community here would be helpful.


I contacted them yesterday and we're working out options. I'll keep you all updated.


I'm going to email you too because you seem to be coming up against glitches too, as Taokat is, and we need to get to the bottom of it.


And please can we make Thank you forum family into a t-shirt? I loved that bit so much.

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Hi @Lily17 I think at this stage it is a state issue. I just looked at the AfP website @Ngaio-RO suggested . Confusing and wordy but that was my take away . I guess the state police have her phone so it's a waiting  game . What should I get the Mum to do ? She is desperate for direction ? Looks like waiting is th answer at this stage ..... it would send me   crazy not knowing what is going on in the investigation of my child 's death . My heart breaks for her . I wish I could do more .   Thx Sian 

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

The number is the crime investigation number she will have all communication with. She should know the name of the investigating officer. Contact Roma St if she doesn't.


In Qld each time I (3) tried contact with the officer they were out they didn't return phone calls blah blah.


I returned to fed police site ACORN with updated info made an official complaint and had my msg returned within 48hrs.


Contact Roma St - they have the main ACORN - you need your Invest no. And let them know your concerns - that also gets the officers attention.


I am sorry to say that these cases can take 4-12 months before you may/may not go to court. It is a highly destructive traumatic time.


I cannot stress enough every single contact she has write it down no matter how stupid it may seem - no trail, no crime. I would have to look through previous correspondence to see if I have missed anything if that would help. I am so sorry this is happening.


She just needs to breathe, breathe and talk about it. It would be good to look around and find someone who is experienced in cyber crime. It is a great thing you are doing for your friend.

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Yes, I think I missed the beginning of this thread too but think it would be a great topic for Wednesday Night chat. We have experienced online bullying as well, but to be honest I have not known how to deal with it, other than to communicate with and warn these kids myself. I wouldn't have the foggiest about the police process and when it comes from overseas, I had thought nothing could be done, which I think a lot of these kids believe too.

It's awful to hear of lives lost to bullying and I cannot imagine how that poor girl's parents are coping with no information.


Thank you for raising this issue. 

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Re: Cyber Crime Bullying

Just something I remembered about passwords that should be on your phones and IT gear. When we were in the midst of a really bad time I was changing my p/w 3 -4 times a week with no less than 21 letters. In court the majestrate told me to change them constantly.

An example of this could be I*wenTto#shOP.aNd,boUght#breaD3*9^
Not simple but harder for hackers to break.

I used daily sentences with my fav no's etc. and I had a 2 step verification on email and phone that let me know every time I was being hacked at times it was hourly.

They can also get hold of an app that allows them to know everything you are doing in your life.

Have any of you had issues with your kids and cyber crime?