Having struggles with my 13yr old daughter

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Re: Having struggles with my 13yr old daughter

Hey there @Moloko,


I'm sorry to hear about the fight between you and your daughter, the start of school can definitely be a difficult time for parents and kids. Friendships especially can be challenging as sometimes friends and relationships change from positive ones into negative ones. 

I just want to make sure I've understood, is the new friendship group the ones who are spreading rumors about your daughter? 


It can be really hard to help kids make the right choices and develop good friendships. ReachOut has an article on friendships that may have some ideas to help your daughter. There is also another article on recognising bad friendships that may also be helpful to you. What do you think?



I'm also going to tag in some other users for their support Smiley Happy @taokat @sunflowermom @Happy @Schooner @compassion @Faob_1 

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Re: Having struggles with my 13yr old daughter

Thanks for those, I will give them a readSmiley Happy
It was her old friends that she heard were saying things. She has confronted them about it but they are denying it. We had big talks after our fight and hugs and I actually sent her a message telling her how much I loved her and was proud of her and I think she appreciated that. Just letting her know I'm always there for her no matter what.
I have suggested if she is wanting to leave her friends to try and do it in a civil amicable way to try and avoid any conflict. Also explained sometimes we outgrow certain people and it's ok to move on and to try and surround herself with people that make her feel good about herself.
It's a tough age huh, all I can do is keep listening.
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Re: Having struggles with my 13yr old daughter

Hi @Moloko 

I totally understand what you mean that sometimes its hard to parent a strong willed teen.  I know when school rolls around there is always added stress and friendship squabbles especially in teen girls.  I think if they can even have one good friend to confided in that they are doing great.  My daughters best friend goes to another school and they still keep in touch.  I think social media adds so much more stress on teen friendships.  I agree with you that your daughter needs friends that make her feel good about herself and don't gossip.

Sometimes as parents all we can do is be there for the fallout and let them know we are here.  Sometimes we get the brunt of their frustration but we love them through it all.  You sound like a very caring and loving mom, you have a strong relationship with your daughter and that will help her through this tumultuous time.


Re: Having struggles with my 13yr old daughter

You are not alone, we have many similarities in our family dynamics, with our 15 year old daughter, keep doing what you are doing and don't give up, at least you are trying rather than giving up or not even caring ☺️


Re: Having struggles with my 13yr old daughter

Thanks for that support and welcome to the forums @Buster01. You are so right in that trying and caring is really important. Please feel welcome to create your own post if you would like to share your story Heart