Marriage Equality

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Marriage Equality

Hey everyone,

The Plebiscite was announced at 10am (AEDT) today so ReachOut Parents has created this safe space for any parent feeling upset and overwhelmed or elated and exhausted about the outcome.

This is NOT a thread to debate marriage equality.
ReachOut Australia are committed supporters of both the Marriage Equality movement and the LGBTIQA community.

We have space here for everyone and understand that people think differently to each other. We are not wanting to exclude anyone or deny support to anyone who needs it, no matter what. But safety is ALWAYS our no. 1 priority which means we won’t open this space up to discussion as that can become harmful for LGBTIQA people, especially LGBTIQA young people.

So if tomorrow might be difficult, for you or your teenager, please join us here.

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Re: Marriage Equality

So we have a YES vote. Which is great but the outcome was really close so there's a good chance lots of people will be feeling a mix of joy amd sadness.
Please post here if you're looking for some support.
It's been a long, difficult journey and it's not over yet.