My son discovering sexual identity

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My son discovering sexual identity

My son is 19. He recently told me he does not know if he likes boys or girls. He has only been with girls (very limited experience) but recently had an encounter with an older guy (25yrs).
He is very confused. I don’t know how to help him. I told him I love him and will be there for him no matter what. But I can see that the confusion is really weighing heavy on him.

Re: My son discovering sexual identity

Hi Mumto2, 

Welcome to ReachOut Parents forum! 

It is amazing you have showed your support and love during this overwhelming time- validating how he feels will be helpful. It would have taken a lot of courage for your son to talk to you and shows how much he trusts you. It is ok to share your feelings with your son. Perhaps this could open a conversation of what he needs from you. Do you think your son would be open to learning more about his sexuality and managing the heavy emotions that come up during this time? Our ReachOut youth forum has a lot of information and support services for your son to look. 

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