Preventative help for heartbreak 16 yo

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Preventative help for heartbreak 16 yo

Hi all,

My 16 yo girl has had a boyfriend for about 18months. He is a lovely young man and has been nearly the perfect first romance. He is respectful, well mannered and they have taken things very slowly. They don’t go to the the same school but message regularly throughout the day. We haven’t allowed them to socialise much during term anyway. 


He graduated Yr 12 and has been accepted into a Uni about 1800kms away (we live in regional area). I don’t think he can afford to come home in holidays like our son, who gets discounted travel. 


At at this stage our daughter won’t discuss the plans for their relationship but seems very worried. She rejects any plans we suggest to help him connect with our family near the uni so they can support him this year. This makes me think that she thinks he will break up with her rather than try to keep a long distance relationship. 


So finally my question is, what can I do to support her through this period? She has a lot on her plate with yr 12 and extracurricular activities. My heart is already starting to ache for them. 




Re: Preventative help for heartbreak 16 yo

Hi @JAKGR8, thanks for sharing that with us. It sounds like a very complex and upsetting situation for all involved. I can tell that you really want to support them the best that you can. One of the main things is just letting her know that you are there to listen whenever she does feel comfortable talking about it. You could ask if there is anything you can do to help with the situation or to help her through it. It can be hard to take a step back but constant attempts to talk and deal with the issue could increase her worries Heart

I will tag some other members here for support @sunflowermom @Faob_1 @compassion @Orbit64