Refusing to leave hotel room ..ruining holiday

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Refusing to leave hotel room ..ruining holiday

We are currently on hols and my daughter is refusing to go anywhere. I have taken off her phone as a consequence but it has just resulted in more anger on her part . She hasn't really eaten for three days and are currently going through all relevant channels at home but she won't sign consent forms and now on family hols problems are heightened . Basically won't do anything doesn't want to

Re: Refusing to leave hotel room ..ruining holiday

Hey @tteegg, that sounds super difficult and frustrating. Situations like these are difficult to manage and we only try our best but it doesn't always feel successful. Is this something you have experienced before? Are there any external supports that could help you in this situation right now? Sending best wishes your way Heart

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Re: Refusing to leave hotel room ..ruining holiday


Sorry you are going through this.  Especially on holiday where you would expect everyone to be happy and relaxed.  Hopefully you and the rest of your family are still able to go out and do things.  It must be so frustrating when you just want to enjoy yourself and your family but your teen refuses to participate.  Hang in there and maybe your teen will get board soon and come out with you.  I am hoping!


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Re: Refusing to leave hotel room ..ruining holiday


Hi @tteegg

So sorry to hear your daughter isn't enjoying the family holiday. 

You mentioned she hasn't eaten in three days. Maybe suggest going to a cafe that servers her favourite food! 

My teenager will jump at the chance to go a burger place. 


Does she enjoy going for long walks? 

If so, this would be great one on one time and hopefully she will open up.




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Re: Refusing to leave hotel room ..ruining holiday

If only it was that easy . She has been discharged from the Eating disorder clinic twice and refuses to eat . She is in total control with everything . We are fighting for mental health referral. She screams and shouts if we ask her to do anything she doesn't want to and refuses to move . We are are desperate and was stupid to think coming on hols would be any different
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Re: Refusing to leave hotel room ..ruining holiday

Hi @tteegg,

I'm sorry to hear she's not accepting the help on offer.

The Butterfly foundation is an organisation that helps people with all eating disorders. They are also able to help families that are worried about someone you care about.

You can find out more here.

Your holiday wasn't a bad idea, you wanted time away as a family. This is something we all enjoy to do from time to time.

You're a caring Mother, that's trying to assist her daughter and find the best way to help her.


I hope this information helps!