Seeking advice - Toddler scratches (and hurts) her neck

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Seeking advice - Toddler scratches (and hurts) her neck

My little one regularly pinches a bit of skin from the front of her neck between her index and thumb and fidgets with it. This usually happens while she is sucking her thumb. It has gotten to a point where she is hurting herself and one can see clear marks of her own scratches with scabs forming at times. It's been going on since she was born but now that she is 5 and stronger she is hurting herself. What can one do? Please help!

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Re: Seeking advice - Toddler scratches (and hurts) her neck

Hi there @danilanis and welcome to ReachOut Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear about your daughter hurting herself. Is she at the age where you're able to talk to her about her actions? It may be difficult because she is still so young however it might help to try talking to her. 

You also mentioned that she fidgets with the skin, does she have anything else she could use to fidget with? That way she can still fidget with her hands but she wouldn't be causing harm to herself. What do you think? 


I've tagged in some other users to share some of their advice Smiley Happy @Moggy3kids @taokat @Bren-G_ @Happy @PositiveWhisper @LostInUtah @sunflowermom