Has your teen taken part in the 'Roast Me' phenomenon?

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Has your teen taken part in the 'Roast Me' phenomenon?

Roast Me is an online phenomenon on Reddit. It's where teens post pictures of themselves and ask to be roasted. They open themselves up to being put down by complete strangers, whose 'task' it is to be as degrading as they can be. 


I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with their teen using the site, and what the consequences for your teen were?


What was the attraction or motive in either posting a picture of themselves or posting comments on other people's pictures? 


Would you you support a campaign to educate parents and teens about the serious negative impact such behaviour can carry with it? Would you be willing to either share your experiences, or allow your story to be used in such a campaign?


I'm hoping that we can bring awareness to the dangers in participating in such negative behaviours. If we can educate and support our teens differently, maybe we can all but eliminate 'Roast Me' by giving its users a more productive outlet.



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Re: Has your teen taken part in the 'Roast Me' phenomenon?

What an amazing idea @taokat I love your pro-activeness.

Have you thought about starting up an opposing thread in Reddit, like "Revere Me" or something, where young people can post pictures of themselves and be revered rather than roasted?


If it helps, here's a quick little article on ways to raise awareness. You might find some of their ideas useful.

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Re: Has your teen taken part in the 'Roast Me' phenomenon?

That is a brilliant idea Ngaio!


I will have a look at the article and see what suggestions they have.


Thank you for your input, it's much appreciated.