My 15 year old daughter has not come home in the last 3 weeks.

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My 15 year old daughter has not come home in the last 3 weeks.

My 15 year old daughter has not been home in the last 3 weeks.


She left after we had a fight about her not attending school and hanging around the station with other kids that have dropped out of school.

Initially she left without any of her clothes or toiletries, I dropped them off to her the one and only day she went back to school and the school rang me.  She has blocked me on social media, and does not tell me where she is staying, occassionally the Mums text me to tell me that my daughter is there but most nights I am left sleepless not knowing where she is.

I have had the police pick her up twice and bring her home but she just leaves again and I can't chain her to the house (though I would like to).

I don't know how to get her to come back home and go back to school.

She was seeing a counseller but they all seem to leave and pass her onto someone else that she does not gell with and she has to start again - so she has said no to any counselling and won't talk to me.

No one seems to be able to do anything and I am really struggling waiting for her to make up her mind when she wants to come back.


Re: My 15 year old daughter has not come home in the last 3 weeks.



Re: My 15 year old daughter has not come home in the last 3 weeks.

Hi there @stressedout this is such a difficult time for parents, at fifteen it is not uncommon for young women to push boundaries to the extreme and throughout the process it creates so much anxiety for the family on the receiving end. You mention this behaviour has all stemmed from a fight regarding school attendance, does this reaction seem extreme? Is there anything else that could be going on in her life, anything you've noticed leading up to this? We have a free service called ReachOut parents coaching I would highly recommend checking out, it helps parents navigate through situations just like this. I can imagine you would be immensely worried, what are your own supports like? Do you see a therapist yourself?


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Re: My 15 year old daughter has not come home in the last 3 weeks.

Hi @stressedout

My heart goes out to you.  As a parent I could only imagine the sadness and worry this is causing you and your family.  Is there a limit to how many times the police can get involved?  I think I would just keep getting her back until finally maybe she will have a conversation with you where you just listen to what is going on.  If its the school thing, maybe home school or other options in your country are worth looking into.  If its possible see if she will meet you for lunch and bring a neutral third party if necessary....a mediator if things typically escalate. Hugs to you.  We are here for you.

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Re: My 15 year old daughter has not come home in the last 3 weeks.

Hi @stressedout

I really feel for you, and for her.  Things can escalate quickly at this age, and with all the best intentions we, as parents, might fuel the flames. 

It seems like it is key to communicate to her that, above all, you love her and care about her safety.  Perhaps you can let her know that you would like her to let you know that she is safe, even if through someone else.  Or ask the other parents to let you know that she is safe, but that also means that you need to respect her distance and not try to meet her without her permission. 

Perhaps this is a time to stand back and wait for her to feel able to talk to you. Perhaps offer to take all your expectations off the table for now, and just begin a dialogue to build up mutual trust.  It may be helpful for you to seek counselling in how to approach your daughter, even if she does not currently want to attend counselling.  All the best.

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Re: My 15 year old daughter has not come home in the last 3 weeks.

Hi @stressedout, I can only imagine how worried you are and my heart goes out to you. It can be so confusing when our teens shut us out and we feel we’ve lost our connection with them. 


I haven’t a lot to add to the wonderful suggestions given already, but thought I’d give you think link here to a resource on effective communication with teens that is really helpful. 

I’ve found that by changing the way I communicate with my daughter has really helped bridge that gap. 


The coaching is fabulous as well, I highly recommend looking into it. 


How are you managing? Is there anything you do that is just for you, that makes you feel good? Self care really helps us cope and not lose ourselves entirely in our often stressful role as a parent Heart