Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

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Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

With just under two weeks until Christmas....the count down is on! 


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This time of year brings up a lot of different things for people  - school holidays means more time with family, Christmas and new years means it can get pretty busy too.... maybe it means some time to relax, or catch up with loved ones. Or maybe it means things feel super stressful! 

For me.. it can be a bit of all of the above. 



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This time of year also brings up a whole heap of music that seems to only be acceptable for one month a year... feel free to answer this question anonymously! Click through to see the results as well.. 





ReachOut put up an article here about coping with the stress of Christmas 


But we are interested to hear from you! 


Feel free to answer any of the below questions in this thread, or share anything you'd like to about this time of year !


1. How do you approach this time of year? Do you just get through? Or do you love it?  


2. Do you have any tips or things that have worked in the past to help you cope with the more stressful moments? 


3. And is there anything you can reflect on from this year gone, that might help put Christmas and the holiday season into perspective?  




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Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

would love to hear from you all on this one  @Dad4good @sunflowermom @Schooner 

@FreakedOut @compassion @rainy14  @PositiveWhisper @taokat @Piper

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Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

I love Christmas. I like the lights, and the way people are just a little nicer. It's an opportunity to tell people "thanks for this year". 


At the same time bad things seem to happen around Christmas (for me personally, and globally - cyclones and earthquakes and whatever). Maybe they feel worse because it is close to Christmas? Anyway, I'm always a little anxious. The break in routine can be negative for our struggling teens, too. So I love it, but I'm wary as well.


My only tip is to not expect perfection. If you burn the turkey, forget a salad, or turn up a little late, it's okay. 


BTW, thanks to everyone who shared and listened here on RO. It's a simple thing, but powerful. Merry Christmas Smiley Happy 


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Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

I love Christmas time- I love the traditions we have like ice skating and the special church services.  I love to see my kids growing up and making their own traditions- like gift exchanges with their friends.

It seems like we are extra busy this time of year do I always schedule some family down time.  Like all day movies in our PJ's. And super easy throw together dinners that the kids love.

I also try to let go of the anxiety of trying to find the perfect gift or if someone is not attending our Christmas festivities.  I try not to assume things and get hurt- instead just enjoy the family memories we are making.  

My daughter gets overwhelmed with all the people during this time.  So if we need to leave early from an event, that's ok too.  I kinda plan for it.

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Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

@Schooner its true that people are a little nicer this time of year - and so true that there is a focus on reflecting about the good things, and on what's important - namely the people and relationships that we value. 


I hadn't thought about your second point - but it's very true. There does seem to be an increase in natural disasters, and perhaps a heightened awareness of these can be quite an anxious time. 


You're so right - perfection is not achievable, or helpful. 


Thank you @Schooner - for your invaluable role in this online community - the support you have given to so many has been so appreciated. It is a powerful thing to share honestly and openly and to be listened to, so thank you for both of those things Heart 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 


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Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

Could not agree more with @gina-Ro@Schooner! I really loved when you said "My only tip is to not expect perfection"  - with so much anticipation and lead up to Christmas, there can be a real strong feeling of needing to make things perfect, but this can be at the cost of personal wellbeing. I love this tip @Schooner Smiley Happy

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Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

@sunflowermom merry Christmas! So true that the traditions this time of year are what make it so special - we  all tend to have our little things that we do to celebrate, and spend time with loved ones. 


I like what you've said about letting go of the anxiety around gift giving - that's something I need to do at the moment.


I hope you have a lovely Christmas @sunflowermom! Thank you so much for your honest and compassionate input online this year -  you have given amazing support to so many.

As @Schooner said, it is a simple and powerful thing that you're doing on this forum, and it is amazing to reflect on just how big that impact has been. Thank you Heart


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Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

It sounds like Christmas is really important family time for you @sunflowermom Smiley Happy


"just enjoy the family memories we are making" - This is such a great tip! Having those mindful moments to sit back and absorb the moment in time with the people you love can be so healing Heart

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Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

Well, last Christmas was awful as son was part way into what has turned out to be multiple annus horibilus! Every small gift I had bought him was unwrapped and thrown back at me.needless to say I had kept receipts and returned the lot! 

This year he is on supervised bail in a bail hostel and I have a new restraining order protecting me. He hasn’t lived at home for much of the year, and had to couch surf at a couple houses until his welcome was worn out at both places. At least now he’s in custody he will be detoxing off a cocktail of drugs, eating properly and exercising, and who knows, maybe even reflecting a little while he waits for his court date!


Christmas will be a day of mixed feelings for those of us at home. Wishing for a fresh start for us all, but never being foolish enough to hold our breath. However the day goes, there is love, care, and well wishes for everyone. May you all have the strength to keep striving for a good relationship with those whom you love.



Re: Christmas / holiday season is approaching!!

@Faob_1 thank you for sharing with us. It sounds like last year's Christmas was a really challenging one and I'm sorry to hear what has happened with your son. I really hope that this year is better and like you said a fresh start for us all, with love and well wishes Heart