Share your suggestions: Teenagers and alcohol/underage drinking

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Share your suggestions: Teenagers and alcohol/underage drinking

I thought I would start a discussion on parents and the role we can play in helping to protect our teens from harms associated with alcohol. What are some concerns that you have as a parent regarding underage drinking? Do you have stratgies in place that have worked or is there something that did not work? 


Re: Teenager and alcohol

Hi @Erininwoderland

Welcome to ReachOut and thank you for starting a thread about underage drinking, a topic I'm sure many parents can relate to and will benefit from.

I've tagged some of our parents on this forum for their awesome advice and contribution: @JAKGR8, @PapaBill, @sunflowermom, @Orbit64, @Nikkita, @TWatson.

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Re: Teenager and alcohol

I have only had a minimal amount of alcohol in front of my son. For example he'd see me drink 1 alcoholic beverage about 3 times maximum a year. I found out he has had alcohol, how often or how much I'm not aware. I talked about the effects on the brain & now if he does go out with his friends I say no alcohol & he says he's not. He knows I don't want him doing anything that will harm him. If I could choose the friends he hung out with I think it would help minimise the exposure but that's a fantasy. I can only let him know how I feel, what I think & hope he takes it on board & makes wise choices. At school they talk about the dangers of drugs & alcohol. I feel like a lot of what teens do when they are with their friends is unknown. I'd like to be there but realistically no teen wants their parent hanging out with them. When he's in his room & the door is closed I don't know exactly what he's doing. I find it a scary time & teens these days seem to be able to get their hands on a lot of things. I just have to hope that he's heard the things I've said & cares enough about himself to do the right thing.
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Re: Teenager and alcohol


I am probably a little bit out of sync with what is probably seen as the best practice

I enjoy a few drinks with my friends at social gatherings

When my kids were younger they would see us drinking and I was careful not to get drunk

We would talk about alcohol and how it was only suitable for adults and how dangerous it was for growing bodies

They would have soft drink as their special drink so they could partipate socially but not have alcohol

Once they reached 18 they would have 1 or 2 drinks in my presence.

We would talk about its impact and how it altered their feelings coordination and perceptions

This worked for us as I was lucky enough that my kids were not out experimenting with their peers at 15

In summary
I acknowledged my drinking
Highlighted that it was for adults only
Discussed the impact alcohol
Once 18 they were allowed to try small amounts under supervision

As I said at the start this probably out of line with what is considered best practice now but I thought I worth sharing as it worked for us
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Re: Teenager and alcohol

This is such an important topic @Erininwoderland and is relevant to so many parents! Alcohol and teens is a topic we see come up quite regularly on the forums, and it has been great to see parents such as @Nikkita and @PapaBill sharing their thoughts


I would really love to feature this discussion this week and link it to the home page in announcements so other parents can find it and contribute Smiley Happy