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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Below is a graphic I stumbled across that I thought was a great way of putting together a self-care plan.


When we're stressed or worried we're not often thinking of all the things we enjoy that make us feel good! Having a plan in a visible place that lists briefly and clearly for us those things, highly increases our chances of partaking in self-care.


Even though this is a previous Topical Tuesday, I challenge parents to put together a self-care plan for yourself. Put it somewhere you'll see it every day and use it as an invoice you owe yourself daily. It could be something as simple as sitting alone outside listening to the birds for five minutes. I have a list on the wall by my computer, and other reminders on my wardrobe mirror. I can't miss them! 


self care.jpg



Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

LOVE THIS @taokat - I do have one Question! What is bullet journalling? So curious.

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

From my basic understanding @Breez-RO, you write in bullet form, short descriptive sentences. Then you add symbols next to each line to highlight if it's an important post, or a task that needs doing, or a diary entry etc. 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Oh I love this @taokat!! 


Self-care plan is such an excellent idea!

Is the idea to have a readily available list displayed somewhere that you can easily "choose" from to engage in a self-care activity? 

I like the different categories in this too! I'm going to get going on my own plan this afternoon... 

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Taokat this is a wonderful idea! I made a copy and I'm going to create my own!
I just started a DBT class yesterday. It's a HUGE commitment but I think it will be life changing in how I look at things and how I handle things.
I'm ready to make myself stronger so I can help my daughter and the rest of my family more effectively.
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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

You've hit the nail on the head about the idea of the plan @gina-Ro. It's a great reminder to take care of our mental health and is like a menu with food for the mind and soul. You can choose one or more activity from your list, depending on need - which reminds me of another type of self-care/de-stress plan I haven't used in ages!! ...


I used to have a list of 10 things to do when I was stressed. I'd start at the top of the list, which was I think was have a cup of tea. If I wasn't feeling calmer after that, I'd go on to the next thing which I think was call my mum. If that hadn't helped, I'd go on to the next thing etc. The last thing on the list was "Go back to Number 1". 


How did you go creating your plan @gina-RoSmiley Happy

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Re: Topical Tuesdays! Self-Care

Fantastic @sunflowermom, I'm so glad you're going to put together a self-care plan too! I'd imagine it could work really well in conjunction with the DBT. Good on you for taking that big step. We really do need to take care of ourselves and get help when we need it so we can be our best for our kids. 


You have been an amazing support for your daughter and I think part of being strong is recognising when we need some help ourselves, and then asking for it. I'll be so interested to hear how the classes go for you. Heart