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Managing Friends

My daughter has just started high school this year. As she is an only child, she has had to learn from a very young age to go up and make friends with other kids.
Now that she is at a new school her primary school friends are making it difficult for her as she is making new friend groups - and hence sitting with them at lunch.
I need advice on how to help her manage her old friend group from primary school with new friend groups now at high school.
Her primary school friends don't want to sit in the same circle as the new high school friends. She is torn on what to do - any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Managing Friends

Hey @Mum-of-one 

Thanks for posting about this situation - I have to be honest, this post took me right back to my own high school experience! 

Friendship group changes can be so tough for teens and come with such a mixture of excitement and stress. It sounds like your daughter is really friendly and outgoing, good on her for getting to know her new peers Smiley Very Happy Do you think there could be any wiggle room around maybe sitting with one group at lunch at one at recess? Or maybe sitting with the new group while at school but continuing to hang out with the old group outside of school? 

I can imagine she must be feeling a lot of pressure to make a choice, it's so lovely to hear about how she has shared this with you, it sounds like you have a really strong relationship Heart Are there fun things you two could do together to try and take her mind of some off this stress?