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Today for self-care I...

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Re: Today for self-care I...

That's so exciting about your new, not-so-little, family member @Orbit64 !! I think pets are amazing for mental health, especially if you can take them to the beach Smiley Happy I hope that you and your family have a lovely and relaxing festive season. 

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Re: Today for self-care I...

Today for self care I made myself a lovely cup of coffee and drank it in the sun Heart

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Re: Today for self-care I...

Today for self-care I made breakfast and coffee, meditated, had a workout, and read a book. Morning is the most productive part of the day. Unfortunately, I don't always succeed in such a morning. I will add it to my diary to make it a ritual every day. 


Re: Today for self-care I...

Great work @AmberP, we love to hear that! Heart

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