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Cancer diagnosis and refusing counseling

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Cancer diagnosis and refusing counseling

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Cancer diagnosis and refusing counseling

My 16-year-old was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic cancer. In a fast timeframe we had surgery, and he needs chemo (next week).
His usual temperament is stoic, no fuss and calm.....not a talker (but is VERY sensitive).

He hasn't dropped a tear, remaining with a strong front and I truly believe is choosing to not think about it as a form of coping.
The hospital has offered support, and he has strongly refused.
I've asked him to consider 1 session (not keen). Should I push the point or let him be?


Re: Cancer diagnosis and refusing counseling

Hi @blueskies , 

I noticed your past engagement in the forums and wanted to welcome you back to the community! 

I am deeply sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis. I can’t begin to imagine the difficulty that both your son and your family are facing at this time.

Your son’s stoic nature and decision not to engage with support services may indeed be his way of coping, and your concern about his refusal for support is completely understandable. It’s clear that you care deeply about your son, and only want the best for him. 

It's great to hear that you have tried to gently encourage your son to consider a session with the counsellor. It sounds like you are doing what you can to support your son to receive the emotional support he needs to get through this tough time. If you haven’t already, I wonder if it could be worth opening up an open and honest conversation with your son about the concerns you’re having about his emotional well-being, and about the kinds of support services that he would be open to looking into? 

Supporting your child through a challenging time can be emotionally draining, so also wanted to check in on you and your well-being. Do you have any supports for your own well-being during this time? Additionally, are there any other family members being impacted that may also need support? Taking care of yourself is so important in being a strong support system for your son.