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14yr boy has girl problem.

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14yr boy has girl problem.

My son socializes with other boys during the football and basketball seasons. By he only talks to them at the practices and games.
But he has no problem grabbing numbers from girls from school and chat with them throughout the day!
This upsets me and I can only see this turning into a bad situation later on. Also, he has no issues with is identity.
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Re: 14yr boy has girl problem.

Hi @Skiptloo and thank you for reaching out to our Parents Community!


Early teenage years are a time of a lot of change; teens are learning to explore who they are, where they fit in the world, as well as who they may be interested in building friendships with. It's really common for teens to expand their social networks, and have dynamic or changing friendships over time.


I'm hearing that your son has a lot of social interactions, in his sporting teams as well as at school. Having diverse groups of friends can be really helpful for teens, and it sound like your son has different friends for different purposes- that's okay too! 


You've mentioned you are upset about the situation, and I am wondering if you can tell me a little bit more about that and what your concerns are?


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