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6 years old daughter got OCD?

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6 years old daughter got OCD?

My 6 years old daughter started to have a very long bath at night before she go to bed. It took her one hour and mostly just wash her hand and mouth. She felt it is not clean. She started to have this for about few months now but only at night before she went to sleep. The rest of the day she usually clean her hand often after she touch something but not too obvious to be unusual and not long. Only at night, after she took a bath and then she spent at least another 20 minutes just washing her hand and mouth and keep complaining that it is not clean. Recently, I noticed that she always ensure the door is locked as she worry the thief may come into the house. She also complaining that she still have a bad dream of sharks and sometimes she ask me to stand inside the bathroom near her as she is scared of shark.

Here in Cambodia, I don’t know where to take her to see a professional. Does she has high risk of being OCD? I truly appreciate your kind sharing your own experiences and what should I do to help her. I am so lost now, last two years I lost my 6 months old son and I left only a daughter I do hope she will be ok.
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Re: 6 years old daughter got OCD?

Hi @Ramana, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that with us. I am sorry to hear that you have lost your son at such a young age. I can understand why this might raise your concern for your daughter and cause you to feel extra cautious. It is great that you are looking out for your daughter and taking notice of her behaviour. I can tell that you really want is best for her and are concerned at the moment.


Unfortunately we cannot give out medical advice or diagnoses on this forum, as we are not trained medical professionals. Our service is also designed for Australian parents of teenagers from 12-18. As your daughter is so young and you are living in Cambodia - some of our advice may not be appropriate or helpful for your situation. Often a doctor is the best place to seek advice as they can refer you on to more appropriate services. If you have a doctor that specialises in mental health, then you could also start there. It might be helpful for your daughter to talk about some of her worries and fears, whether it is related to OCD or not Smiley Happy