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Finding nude pictures and videos in my 13 year old mobile

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Finding nude pictures and videos in my 13 year old mobile


Finding nude pictures and videos in my 13 year old mobile

I am too concerned as I have found some nude pictures and inappropriate videos of my 14 year old daughter in her mobile.
I need advise please what shall I do?
Shall I ask her to be seen by a councellor?
I am not sure if she has send those to anybody?
How to find out if she has?
Thank you
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Re: Finding nude pictures and videos in my 13 year old mobile

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Hi Laila, thank you so much for sharing. I can understand why you are feeling concerned about this type of behaviour. It is only normal for parents to be concerned when their child begins to develop sexual interest. You are definitely not alone in feeling this way and it is a struggle for a lot of parents.  It could be possible that your daughter has not sent these pictures to anyone - some teenagers might take pictures to feel more confident about their body or sexuality. Unfortunately it would be difficult to know if these pictures have been sent as messages can be deleted. 


It might be helpful for you to talk to your daughter about the situation. Have you talked to your daughter about these types of topics before? We have some articles here about how to talk to your teenager about sexting which may be helpful for you. It has a lot of tips about the types of things you can say to help direct an open conversation. Here you might be able to encourage your daughter to discuss whether she shared these pictures and videos with anyone. It might be beneficial for your daughter to talk to a counsellor if you feel as though she is likely to be more honest or comfortable doing so.


If you feel like you need some support for yourself, there is a service called ParentLine which offers telephone counselling. It also has a number of referrals and resources that may be helpful for you.


Please keep us updated Heart

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