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Grief counselling for teen

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Grief counselling for teen

I'm trying to find a grief counsellor for my 15 year old daughter after losing her best friend. I am at a loss when trying to find someone to help her. We have a medicare mental health plan. I just am overwhelmed with what to do and where to look. I am hoping someone can help. Thank you

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Hello @Kitkatnkuddles , sorry to hear about what your daughter has been going through lately. It is great that she has you to support her through this. In terms of finding a professional with experience treating grief, you can visit the APS Find A Psychologist website. On this website, you can search for a psychologist in your area that has experience with grief and can contact them to book a session. Here is a link to their website. Whilst your daughter is waiting to get in touch with a professional, there are free counselling services like Kids Helpline or Griefline that she can call if she wants to talk with a counsellor about what she has been going through. Hope this helps Heart