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My daughter won't take her medication

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My daughter won't take her medication


My daughter won't take her medication

My 15 year of daughter has struggled for years with mental health issues. She even said I think I need medication after consultation today she has been prescribed meds but now she won't take them because she doesn't want to become reliant on them. Any advice please xx

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Re: My daughter won't take her medication

Hey @Pollypocket, firstly, welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing with us. I'm sorry to hear your daughter struggles with mental health issues. My daughter's 15 too, and was diagnosed many years ago. I had troubles for years getting her to take her medication, so I understand it can be difficult.


Does your daughter see a professional on a regular basis? I'm just wondering what their thoughts are on it? It's really hard because at 15 you don't have as much control and can't force them to take their medication. Can I just clarify, has she only just been given the presciption, or has she been taking them and now stopping? 


I can understand your daughter's thinking, and I think it's aweome she doesn't want to be reliant on anything. I think it comes down to quality of life though, which is maybe a conversation you could have with her? Not everyone needs to take them forever, but if they make her feel better and function better, it may be the best option for her, at least for now. At 14 my daughter was taken off all meds to see what her baseline was, and she was so happy to be off them. After 3-4 months though, she was asking to go back on them! She'd realised how much they helped her, and we no longer have issues. 


You're clearly a very loving mum, and just want the best for your girl. She's very lucky!

Let us know how you get on Smiley Happy