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My teen has "toys"

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My teen has "toys"

My 17 year old daughter accidentally received a package in the mail from some lady and it had a s** t** in it of vibrator small I know this because I found the packaging and the letter that was written in the garbage That my daughter tried to hide. I spoke to female friends and a nurse and they said it's perfectly normal and that I should not take it away or approach her about it. I was told it was healthy and that that could possibly deter her from going out and being promiscuous and learning from it in a good way without fear of pregnancy and STDs. For some reason she stuffed it in a backpack in my son's closet because I was working on her Room and I stumbled upon it. Now I believe she has thrown away the backpack along with the toy, For fear that someone has seen it or worse yet that I have seen it and might confront her about it. Her mother is totally oblivious to The whole situation I feared telling her for any repercussions against me Or worse yet getting her in trouble. My fear is that now that she has no outlet for her sexual curiosity that she will do other things behind our back with the real thing and get hurt. I'm the kind of parent that would rather buy a 12 pack of beer in have my son or daughter sit here at home and get drunk and experience it this way then for them to go out and get drunk and be around people they can't trust or worse she had getting to an accident kill themselves. So how do I handle this situation? give her an outlet By getting her another toy secretly?
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Re: My teen has "toys"

Hi @Estinger21, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that. I am just noticing that you are from the USA, so unfortunately our referrals and services may not be relevant to you as we are an Australian forum. You are still most welcome to continue using our forum to receive support from other parents Heart

It is normal for young adults/teenagers to explore their sexuality. How would you feel about talking to either your daughter or partner about this? It can seem awkward and confrontational at first.. but open communication can make a big difference to any situation. If there are any Parent Support Lines in your area, it may be beneficial for you to chat to them about how to approach this topic, if you are unsure Smiley Happy