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My teenager is suicidal because of a toxic friend

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My teenager is suicidal because of a toxic friend


My teenager is suicidal because of a toxic friend

This is quite a long problem.

So basically my daughter is 12 years old. She has a couple of friends that she has been through primary school and into seniors. One of her friends (friend A) has a cousin who is 15 (friend B) and my daughter has began a friendship with thus cousin.

Anyway my daughter is confused and feels that she has now got feelings towards Friend B and she thinks she is a Lesbian. Friend B is straight but leads her on constantly, she is very very controlling. Friend B will not allow my daughter to have other friends, she goes mad at her if she 'face times' anyone else. She won't allow her to go out with anyone else either. My daughter has began self harming. I have told my daughter this is not healthy for her and that her friend is very controlling. My daughter cries every day and night and says she has broke her heart.

Friend B says things to her like 'I love you' and then takes it back. She says that she would love to be in a relationship with my daughter because it would be great because she will have all the control in the relationship.

I am completely torn as a parent. I have tried to stop her hanging around with her but she says I am making it worse! She says that Friend B will stop all her other friends hanging out with her and she will have no one in the world if she stops talking to her.

Friend B and Friend A both had all my daughters friends at there house and was making 'tik tok' videos and sending it to my daughter saying look at what yiu have lost - you have no one now.

Please I really need some advice! I am so sad watching my daughter go through this!

Do I completely stop her talking to this girl but then my daughter has no one?


she is my only child and I really don't know what to do! My heart is breaking!

Thankyiu for reading this x

Re: My teenager is suicidal because of a toxic friend

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Hello @Becky2022 , I am sorry to hear about what you have been going through lately. It sounds like things have been tough for your daughter as well. It really sucks to hear about how Friend B has been treating your daughter. It sounds like you are really supportive and care a lot about your daughter, which she probably really appreciates Smiley Happy. Have you been able to have a discussion with your daughter about what she would like to do moving forward with these friendships?  I have attached a link to a RO article here that is about bad friendships that you might find to be helpful. 


You mentioned that your daughter has been self-harming, do you have any current concerns about your daughters safety? Also, has she been able to see any professionals/supports about her self-harming? She might find seeing a professional for some support to be helpful.  Unfortunately, we are a service located in Australia and cannot provide you with direct links to services, but you might be able to go to your GP to get some referrals for services local to your area.