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Newly 14 ye daughter deteriorating

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Newly 14 ye daughter deteriorating


Newly 14 ye daughter deteriorating

I am new here but need help. My daughter is newly (1 week) a 14 ye old. She is on her 2nd stent at uni. No drugs or alcohol for the most part just has too much anxiety to stay at school. I just can't connect with her. She is so confused about her identity that anything else takes a back seat. Thanks internet. I just want to help her but keep failing. I was wondering if anyone out there has this issue. She gets bullied at school and wants to change schools. I just don't understand. She says she's gay and trans totally fine but can't compete her work at treatment and therefore can't go back to school.
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Re: Newly 14 ye daughter deteriorating

Hi @TRYPC10,


Welcome! It sounds like you have a lot going on with your daughter. I was wondering if you can clarify how old your daughter is and if she attending high school or university? I can hear that you are doing your best to get to the bottom of what is going on but you are finding it difficult to get through to your daughter. I am wondering if you have been able to chat to her school about some of the issues that are going on? Bullying must make it really difficult to concentrate and look forward to attending school.


Have you also thought of seeing a psychologist? Either together, or separately. It can be really tough when kids won't open up and so sometimes it can be helpful to bring in an impartial source who they can build some trust with. It might also be beneficial for you to get some extra help too. I imagine this must be really exhausting and upsetting for you trying to navigate this difficult situation. 


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