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Sons break up

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Sons break up

My son is so sad his girlfriend has told him they are not compatible after 4 years she’s 20 he’s 21
Have had no arguments she just ended things via Snapchat he started university in September
All I have done is cry hate seeing him in so much pain
Any advice as don’t know how to help him feel I’m letting him down aswell
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Re: Sons break up

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Hello @Sadmumof3, and welcome to the Parent's Forum.

I'm so very sorry that you, and your son, are struggling at the moment. The loss of a relationship can feel very painful and overwhelming, and it isn't easy to process at any age. It's understandable that he would be very upset right now, and that you seeing him this way, would also cause you distress.

As a starting point, here are some articles about helping a young person through a break-up, helping them cope with change, and opening up communication.

Does your son have any support through his friends, or is there counselling services available through his university that he might be able to take advantage of?

During this difficult time, please also remember to take care of yourself. Do you have anyone that you trust enough to be able to open up to?