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Teen Anger

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone else’s 13 year old is always angry and anything I say is just wrong and makes her angry.

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Hi, yes my 13 year old daughter gets very angry when we try to put restrictions around her time she spends playing her online games.  We cannot get her to do homework, do a sport or participate in family activities.  We are in Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand at the moment and can't get her to do any of her google classrooms.  

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Re: Teen Anger

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Hi @Calmingteens and @chichi, thank you both for sharing your experience. Anger can be a really difficult thing to manage within the home. Often a lot can be bubbling below but anger is the emotion that is expressed, as opposed to shame, sadness, guilt or fear. How long have you both been experiencing this level of anger within your home? We have some articles here that have tips on dealing with anger, which you are more than welcome to have a look at Smiley Happy 

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