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Teenage anger

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Teenage anger

My teenager is getting angry whenever she is stressed. Mostly it turned out to be small things but she thinks mother doesn’t like her and treat me like an outsider.. she doesn’t share anything with her dad but share things but sometimes she wants to be alone and doesn’t want to he happy with friends. Is that a normal behaviour! Or should I be concerned?
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Hey @Rene123 

Welcome to the Online Community! Thank you for sharing this with us. 

It sounds like you have noticed that your teenager has been getting angry recently and sometimes prefers to be alone and not spending time with friends. 

Whilst we can't say for certain whether this behaviour is normal due to the limitations of our scope of service,  we encourage you to speak to a GP or local doctor to discuss any concerns that you may have. 

I was wondering if you have tried talking to her and asking her about what's been going on for her recently? If you think that this might be helpful, we have a really great article on effective communication and teenagers. It includes some information, resources and tips which you might find useful. 

I was also wondering whether you have spoken to her school about your concerns or whether they have noticed any changes in behavior?

Thank you again for sharing this with us.