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Toxic Friendship


Toxic Friendship

My 17 year old Daughter who suffers with Anxiety and is on medication has a so called friend who gets her to pay for everything!! including Vapes, Takeaway food, clothing and expects her to pick her up and drop her off (20kms) away. This person does not contribute financially for anything. What can I do about this perso?


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Hi @Stars5

Thank you for sharing what is happening. This sounds like a really frustrating situation to be in as a parent and it is great that you have raised this on our forums. Have you talked to your daughter about her relationship with her friend? It might be possible that your daughter would benefit from learning about how to set boundaries. There is an article on setting boundaries here which has some helpful tips. Also, how are you coping with what is going on? It must be difficult to watch this happen in front of your eyes Heart

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