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runaway teen

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runaway teen

My teen has ran away - been missing for what will be 3 weeks soon.
Listed as missing person and has been sighted twice, however police couldn’t detain.
My teen is on bail - which will be revoked soon - due to breaching bail conditions of needing to reside at home address. Bail set due to criminal behaviour - got involved in gangs.
My teen has a cognitive delay and is so very easily led and is clearly seeking to fit in.
Just turned 15 - ran off the day after turning 15Smiley Sad

This is a nightmare….
Has anyone else had to deal with gangs, running away and just plain disrespect behaviour all at once?

I feel I have let my family and myself down in raising such a disrespectful young personSmiley Sad

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Re: runaway teen

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Hi @Me-me and welcome to the Parents Forum Heart

I'm incredibly sorry that you are going through this situation, it must be very upsetting and very stressful for you. Can I please ask what sort of supports you have in place for yourself right now, such as family, friends, or professional services?

If you do need to talk to someone, Parentline is a very good resource, and offer support 24/7. 

In case you're not already familiar with them, the Dept for Education, Children, and Young People can also provide advice and referrals to services that may be able to help support you. 

As a side note, just letting you know that a part of your posts needed to be edited to better align with our community guidelines

This is a very difficult situation, so please remember to take care of yourself and reach out if you need some support.