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Adhd qb test

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Adhd qb test

Hi I have always suspected adhd with my child he's 7 spoke to consult and they fought so too but today he had qb test done and the nurse that was taking it says although she can't diagnose she think he done really well because he didn't get up out of his seat , I don't understand because he receives so much extra help in school due to his concentration. Guess what I'm asking has anyone else experienced this and has come back they have adhd and do the nurses know then and there. Thanks in advance
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Re: Adhd qb test

Hi @Stitch92, thanks for your question. The QB test appears to be a test popular in the UK - as we are an Australian service, it is outside the scope of our knowledge. Your best bet would be talk to your GP about your son's results or to visit a psychologist to complete further assessment. Best of luck, we hope you find the answers that you need. If you'd like to vent about what is going on for you and your son, we are here to listen Smiley Happy