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D moved out @16

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D moved out @16

My daughter moved out a month ago and has ask to me answer her question of do I know why and understand why she moved out and atm I don’t have an answer! I was bombard with so many things she wanted to touch point on before she left that I don’t even know where to start. I do not feel that all her points were valid and up until today she hasn’t reached out but I know whatever I say still won’t be what she wants to know or hear. Any suggestions on how to tackle this situation

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Welcome to the parents community @Children6 ,

Thank you for sharing about the situation with your daughter. It can be really tough reaching out for help with family conflict. Having your daughter leave home after being bombarded with so many reasons must have been really overwhelming and upsetting. Do you know where she is living at the moment or who she is with?

It sounds like you're worried that whatever you say in response to your daughter's question will be received as the "wrong" answer? It would be hard to know what she's thinking, especially with her not reaching out until now. I'm wondering if you've been able to talk with her about how you've been feeling and asked how she is feeling as well? We do have an article here about having difficult conversations which could be helpful with this, as well as a list of things to try when tackling family conflict. Do you feel like asking a professional for advice could be helpful as well? We do offer a free one-on-one support service for parents which you could check out.