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Daughter’s sexuality

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Daughter’s sexuality

My daughter is 11 and she cut her hair really short a little while back.
She is now been questioned by the kids at school if she like girls and if you is a lesbian. This has been going on for a while but today she refused to go to school. It started out with saying she had a sore tummy so she was saying she couldn’t go to school, this started to happen more often but I managed this morning to get the truth from her. She doesn’t know what she yet and I support her with what ever she decides. I rang the school and they have given me a lot of support. But I am struggling with the right works to say. I just want to support her as best as I can. And try and give her the best coping strategies to cope as best she can.
If anyone has any advise for a caring parent that would be great.
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Hey @IM123 

Thanks for reaching out! It is fantastic to see that you are being so supportive of your daughter, both in regards to the bullying she's facing, and her sexuality. It will make such a difference for her, now and in the future, to know you support her Heart


It's great to hear that she opened up to you and you were able to get support from the school. Did they come up with any kind of plan with you? There might be some extra tips and strategies for you here too.


You're certainly not alone in worrying about saying the right thing, it can be a tricky topic to broach. We actually recently chatted to some parents about their journey in supporting their child who is gay that you might find helpful to have a read through here. We also have this article that has tips on how to communicate when it comes to chatting about sexuality that could be useful too.

Let us know how you go and if you have any other thoughts or questions Smiley Happy