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How coparent with a narcissist?

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How coparent with a narcissist?

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How coparent with a narcissist?

I am trying but when I mention certain things I’m concerned with on parenting she uses the courts to falsely accused me. I now realize I need to treat it with no emotion but a business transaction. Any advice and new friends I’m highly open to it.
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Re: How coparent with a narcissist?

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Thanks for reaching out, co-parenting can be a really tough one to navigate so it's great you're looking for some support.


It sounds like the communication between you and your ex isn't the best, is that right? Understandably, I think a lot of parents find it difficult to talk to exes, so you're not alone. We have this article that has some great strategies for this, that you might like to try.


How are your kids coping with the separation? I'm wondering if you have both been able to organise a co-parenting plan? We have some tips on that here too.


We are an Australian-based service so we are limited to the referrals we can provide, however I recommend getting in touch with your local family and relationships support service for more advice on the legal side of things.