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Promiscuous 19yo help

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Promiscuous 19yo help

I am so distressed to see my previously level headed, reserved, popular, admired daughter, suddenly become someone I don’t know or like.  The contrast is so incredible it is like my daughter has died and this other person has taken her place.  She met her first boyfriend last year and was attracted to the bad boy type. He used her and dumped her a few months later.  She now flirts obviously, has sexually suggestive photos on Instagram, is taking the pill without being in a relationship. Is out with different boys all the time. (Has been prescribed a high testosterone one which I am sure doesn’t help).  She wants to move out and has found a share house to move in two weeks.  We fight constantly and part of me wants her to go but the other part is incredibly worried for her safety and I am broken hearted that she wants to live this lifestyle.  I want someone to fall madly in love with her for herself not because she gives out easily.  She is under the impression that everyone does this and she wants to be seen as mature.  How do I handle this next two weeks.  I can’t bear it. Please help.  I just cry or get angry and I know that is not helping and she thinks I am ridiculous but I am devestated  I want my girl back.

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Hi @Saucepan, thanks for sharing your story here with us. It sounds like your daughter has gone through a lot of changes in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, it sounds like all of this has taken a toll on yourself and your relationship with your daughter. Our service is for parents of children aged 12-18 and so our service may not be entirely appropriate for your needs and support that you may require. Have you received any professional support throughout all these changes with your daughter? It seems like it may be helpful in allowing you to process what is happening with your daughter.