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Toddler bedtime


Toddler bedtime

I am at a loss trying to get my toddler to bed. No amount of outside time or play tires him out. He is 2.5 years old, VERY ACTIVE and still takes a daily nap of about 1.5 to 2 hours. We've tried everything under the sun, no tv, nightly bath of course, reading bedtime story, singing, music, trying to tire him out before bed. Someone told me to cut his nap completely but I don't feel comfortable doing that. It's been a few weeks of this. We put him down at 8:30 pm and he messes around until 10:30 or later, wakes up at 7:45, 8:00 am like clockwork. His schedule rarely changes from day to day with meals and nap. I need help or ideas, anything. We're exhausted and frustrated. I know about sleep regression which we've gone through at different stages but this seems to be more than that.

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Hi @Mamabear099

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It sounds like it's been a difficult time for you and I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through this. I understand how exhausting and frustrating this must be for you and it sounds like you've been trying really hard to get your toddler to bed.

I was wondering if you have spoken to a GP about this? If you haven't, I really encourage you to reach out to your GP as they may be able to help you and provide you with some support. I have also included a link to Parentline that may also be able to provide you with some support or appropriate referrals. 



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