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Upset with teachers decision

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Upset with teachers decision

Last week we were informed by my son's teacher that he will be placed in another room for one week to rest his learning and to distsnce him from kids he is having a hard time forming relationships with. This took me by surprise as no concerns were raised by the teacher prior to this. Btw my son is just 5. I feel devasted by the teachers decision as i think its unfair and will not help the situation she described. Has anyone faced such a problem? My chold is a normal 5yo, quite intelligent, loving boy. He is just like a normal child naughty but has never hurt anyone. I intend to speak to his teacher. I dont understand why a child or anyone would be expected to get along with everyone. As adults we dont so can a child.
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Re: Upset with teachers decision

Hi @GrowingPains,

Thank you for sharing. I want to start by saying that I am really sorry to hear about how this information has impacted you. I don't blame you for feeling devastated and like the situation is unfair. It sounds like you really disagree with their decision and feel like it is not a reflection of your son.

It is great that you are planning to speak to the teacher - do you know what you will say to them? Have you spoken to them about this situation before? It would be helpful to get some clarification around why they have made this decision and how they think it would be beneficial for your son.

Please feel welcome to keep us updated Smiley Happy