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Worried about 3.10 YO behaviour

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Worried about 3.10 YO behaviour


Worried about 3.10 YO behaviour

Im worried about my 3.10 YO behaviour. He:
Talks back
Says silly words all the time
Hits when emotionally heightened
Often talks in a loud voice in a group setting
Gets very over excited when participating in activities he likes such as swimming.

Anyone experienced the same and their child has calmed down by 6yo

Thanks so much
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Re: Worried about 3.10 YO behaviour

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Hey @WMA24 

Welcome to the parents forum! I am glad that you have found us and have been able to reach out. 

It sounds like you are worried about your 3 year olds behaviour which is very understandable. I was wondering if you have tried talking to your GP or local family doctor about these concerns or if this is something that you might consider? 

Majority of our resources are focused on teenagers aged 12-18 so most of our resources may not be appropriate or relevant although we strongly encourage you to have a look at the Raising Children's Network which provides free parenting videos, resources, articles and apps for children of all ages. 

All the best.