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Adhd new diagnosis

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Adhd new diagnosis

Hi just awaiting Adhd tests for both of my eldest kids 16 & 17 year old. Feeling very stressed with every day life and coping with their moods/behaviour don’t get any support from hubby or family. Just wanna chat to someone who understands. Thanks ☺️
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Re: Adhd new diagnosis

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Hi @Beena18, thank you for sharing. You must be feeling so nervous awaiting their results. It is so difficult to cope with moods and behaviour on your own. It can lead to a lot of stress and exhausation so I can only imagine how you are feeling right now. What do you think having a diagnosis will mean to your and/or your family?


You might feel alone but please know that there are other parents who have dealt with similar struggles. You can read through some of their stories here. You mentioned that you have no support from your husband or family. Have you thought of seeking professional help for yourself? It can be helpful to have a space where you can vent without fear of judgement and recieve practical tools. In the meantime, if you need additional support, there is a service called Parent Line which supports UK families through a range of issues. 


We are here to listen if you want to share more about your experience Heart

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Re: Adhd new diagnosis

Thanks for the response. I find it difficult asking for help especially when I feel i can’t follow through with advise given to me. I get the impression my husband also has issues but he wont admit/believe it due to lack of information on mental health issues within ethnic minority communities. I am dealing with the whole family’s moods and issues; I feel I’m at the bottom of a to-do which i never get to finish. Thanks I will try Parent Line

Re: Adhd new diagnosis

Hello @Beena18 , I'm sorry to hear that you find asking for help difficult at times. It can be hard to follow through with advice when we are feeling overwhelmed and upset. It sounds like managing the home environment and the family's difficulties has been challenging for you lately, which is understandable. Do you have any other supports around you that might be able to help you with this?


I hope that you find talking with one of the counsellors at Parentline to be helpful. Please feel free to keep us updated here on the forums!

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