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My baby has ezcema it's getting worse I don't know what to do my partner thinks she is a bad mommy and is very depressed.

Re: Ezcema

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Hi @jeanluc , I'm really sorry to hear about your baby's eczema worsening and the toll it's taking on your partner's well-being. While our resources are primarily focused on supporting individuals aged 14-25, I want to offer guidance that might be helpful to you and your family.

For resources specifically tailored to babies, the Raising Children’s Network could be a valuable source of information and support. Additionally, have you consulted a doctor regarding your baby’s eczema? Medical advice is crucial in addressing and managing this condition effectively.

As for your partner's well-being, is she currently receiving any professional support? Sometimes, seeking guidance and assistance from a qualified professional can make a significant difference in coping with these challenges.

I understand this is a difficult time, and it's incredibly important to prioritise both your baby's health and your partner's well-being. If you need any further assistance or guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out.