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How much should we tell our kids?

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How much should we tell our kids?


How much should we tell our kids?

I've encountered many different opinions on this subject so I thought a general public consensus would be interesting. Basically my partner and I have brought up 2 lovely kids. Both are now teenagers. They have asked me point blank "have you ever tried drugs?" I personally believe in an open honest dialogue with my kids (to a point ofc) I answered them truthfully, yes I have tried them when I was young. Their father and I actually tried drugs together when we were young but when they asked him he said "no. I've never tried drugs".He believes telling them the truth is "glorifying drug use" I believe it keeps an open dialogue which is a priority for me. Who is right here? Should we answer the hard questions truthfully to our kids?
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Hi @yames and welcome to the Parents Forum! We hope that you find the support and resources that you are looking for Heart

You have raised an excellent question about an important issue, and one that would be of concern to parents.

This article - How to Talk about Drugs with your Teenager - is a really good starting point, with additional info being available here.