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International Day of Friendship 2019

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International Day of Friendship 2019

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International Day of Friendship 2019

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International Day of Friendship- 30th July 2019!


We are a few days late but we couldn't let this special day pass without celebrating on the forums!


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What is International Day of Friendship all about?

International Day of Friendship stems from the work of UNESCO and the UN who in 1997 brought forward a proposal to promote international peace and prevent world conflict. There was a recognition in the years following that reducing conflict involves a strong focus on educating the next generation, young people and children, about peace, harmony and friendship.


From the important work on peace that has happened globally over the last 20 years, International Day of Friendship was announced  in 2011 to celebrate friendship between people, cultures and countries, in the hope that friendship will help to build peace and connect people from all backgrounds! International Day of Friendship is all about building social connections between people for a better, brighter, and more peaceful global future! As young people and the next generation of leaders, we have a role to place in ensuring world peace Smiley Happy


What can I do to get involved in International Day of Friendship?

  • Reach out to those around you
  • Start conversations about your interests, shared experiences and passions
  • Listen to others, try to understand different perspectives and challenge yourself to be open to new ideas and ways of seeing the world
  • Hold space for those in your life to come to you and share their views/thoughts/feelings/ideas
  • Let your friends know that you value them
  • Share the importance of International Day of Friendship, and it's history, with those around you to educate others about steps they can take to promote international peace through friendship

Want to learn more about the International Day of friendship? Check out information on the UN website here, and see the release from 2011 declaring International Day of Friendship here


Activity time!:

  1. What is the role and value of friendship in your life? 
  2. How can friendship help to promote peace and harmony?
  3. What will you do this International Friendship Day to celebrate the friendships in your life


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