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School Refusal

Is there anybody else dealing with a 13 year old refusing to attend school?

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Hi @Mel73,

I want to start by saying welcome to the Community!Seeking support can be a challenging thing to do, especially when your child is involved, and I want to commend you on your strength. I can see you care deeply for your child and what they are going through.

School Refusal has become more common in recent years, and it can be a challenging thing for both the child and the parent to experience. I’m sure many parents and carers here can understand what you and your child may be going through. I’m wondering if you can tell us a little bit more about what’s been happening for your child? Supporting your child with school refusal, whilst also balancing communication with the school and your other competing demands must also be having an impact on your life also?

I wanted to share with you the story of another parent whose family has also gone through school refusal. We also have a discussion from a psychologist on school refusal you might find interesting. ReachOut also has a range of articles on school refusal you and your child might find helpful. One delves into the experience had by a teenager with school refusal, and the other touches on what school refusal is and ways to help teenagers navigate it. Please let me know if you find anything helpful in these resources.

I was also interested in how you are feeling about this situation? I’m wondering if have found any ways to help you navigate this and whether you have support from friends or family?

The community is here to support you and your child please don’t be afraid to connect with us to share more about what is happening for your young person.